Types Of Concrete Saws

Posted on March 25, 2011
Check out how sharp and effective concrete cutting products can be and how useful they are at home. Read on to know more of what I'm talking about.

Author: Search Angel
During the construction and demolition process, concrete saws are required for cutting the hard concrete. Concrete cutting is the need for many different projects. Some of these include structure remodeling, pipes and wires to pass through a concrete barrier, or to access sewage beneath the concrete floor of a basement. Whatever may be the requirement, concrete cutting is a job well performed by professional construction workers. Depending on the depth and shape of concrete, they choose the most appropriate concrete cutting saws and are able to handle the equipment better than homeowners themselves.

Concrete cutting is of various types. Some of these are wall sawing, coring, slab sawing and road sawing. Drilling and sawing concrete are tasks that require precision, focus, physical strength and expert equipment handling. There are all types and sizes of concrete saws to suit the particular task. One of the common ones is hand-held concrete saw. This is very easy to handle and is a relatively inexpensive option. Gas and oil mixture is required for its operation. Professional companies use heavy duty concrete saws that are operated with gasoline, diesel, electricity, or hydraulics. There are also variations in the saw blades. The special blades can easily cut through concrete reducing the human labor and time taken for the construction job to be done. Highly resilient materials are used for the fabrication of these blades. Some are even embedded with diamonds.

There are basically two options available for concrete cutting namely wet cutting and dry cutting. Wet cutting is a feature in most concrete saws. Water is able to keep the blades cool and reduces dust. The health of the worker and the surrounding environment are both protected from the harmful airborne concrete dust. The only drawback is that there will be a considerable amount of mess that will need to be cleared. Dry cutting has become less popular recently owing to the health hazards and the mess it creates. Dust is dispersed far and wide and can cause serious breathing problems for people exposed. The workers usually wear masks to keep their face and mouth covered while sawing.

For demolition companies, contractors and builders, concrete cutting can be a daily task that has to be performed. The decision regarding the right equipment for concrete cutting can be a crucial one. The type of concrete saw will be responsible for the workers’ health and the project quality. You can choose the most suitable concrete saws based on your requirements and budget.

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